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By David Shearman & James “JT” Taman

“One of the most amazing and important books to come out of the Global War on Terrorism.” – Lt. Col David Grossman New York Times Best Selling Author of On CombatOn Killing & Assassination Generation.

In Outside the Wire in Blue, co-authors and American police officers, David Shearman and James ‘JT” Taman, dramatically reveal the highly successful but little known DOD civilian law enforcement program born out of the 2006 campaign against the insurgency in Fallujah, Iraq. During this struggle, U.S. Army and Marine Corps leaders recognized that contemporary tactics and strategies were ineffective against an insurgency that acted more like thugs and criminals than a regular fighting force. The question that plagued these leaders was who within their arsenal of warriors understood the mindset of criminals. The solution was not found within the DOD, it was found in their brothers in blue – the American Police Officer.

This 1st Edition Hard Cover copy of Outside The Wire In Blue will be shipped after it is personally signed by the authors.

We sincerely hope your enjoy our book, the stories therein, and return to this site to offer your comments and review.

Dave and JT

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2 reviews for Signed 1st Edition of Outside The Wire In Blue Hard Cover

  1. Guillermo (Willie) Cancio

    An amazing Man, LE Professtional and Partner… Congratulations! I look forward to reading this book!


  2. Mitchell Henderson

    I worked with James Taman on some very dangerous Operations in Colombia. He is the consummate professional and a fearless man. He always has your back.

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