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  1. JT, it is good to see you are still moving around and keeping busy.

    Su amigo, G.W. Metcalf

  2. Hello, just read your ebook and it was great! I was a LEP with 101st ABN and 10th Mtn in Paktiya 2012-2014. Big Mike was one of my team members in Salerno and Karl, the Brit, was one of my police team members at SAPD. I was wondering if you have any book signings or LEP reunions planned out west? If not, I will be ordering a couple of books for holiday gifts. Hope to talk to you soon. Take care and good job again on the book.

  3. Just finished reading your book at the request of DC’s wife. DC was a role model for me, especially during my years with the West Tennesse Violent Crime and Drug Task Force. It was great to read about him! I really enjoyed your book!

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