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In Outside the Wire in Blue, co-authors and American police officers, James ‘JT” Taman and David Shearman, dramatically reveal the highly successful but little known DOD civilian law enforcement program born out of the 2006 campaign against the insurgency in Fallujah, Iraq. During this struggle, U.S. Army and Marine Corps leaders recognized that contemporary tactics and strategies were ineffective against an insurgency that acted more like thugs and criminals than a regular fighting force. The question that plagued these leaders was who within their arsenal of warriors understood the mindset of criminals. The solution was not found within the DOD, it was found in their brothers in blue – the American Police Officer.

Outside The Wire In Blue Trailer:

“One of the most amazing and important books to come out of the Global War on Terrorism.”

– Lt. Col David Grossman New York Times Best Selling Author of On Combat, On Killing & Assassination Generation.

Endorsement by Major General Wil Roy (USA, Ret.)

“Serving with the LEPs was one of the greatest honors of my 36 years in uniform and without a doubt Afghanistan is stronger and more secure because of their tireless and unyielding efforts to bring peace to a nation that so richly deserves it.  Inside this book is a tremendous story about the true American heroes who I refer to as the “quiet professionals.”

Forward by New York Times Best Selling Author, Lt. Colonel David Grossman (USA, Ret.),

Author of On Killing, On Combat, and Assassination Generation:

“This is one of the most amazing and important books to come out of the Global War on Terrorism.  

Again and again our media has declared and predicted our nation’s defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Yet, as of 2018, for over 16 years, through liberal and conservative administrations, these war-torn nations continue to survive as fragile, fledgling beacons of freedom and democracy in a region beset by endless centuries of tyranny and oppression.  And one of the major reasons for this survival can be found in the pages of this amazing and profoundly important book.

Future generations who want to study and learn from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will find this book to be a mother-load of critical insight into these wars.  And warriors in the years to come will turn to this book in order to succeed in similar wars in the future.  Many great books have been written about these wars, but to my knowledge this is the only book to cover this critical, vital and essential aspect.

To the authors, a hearty “Well done, my brother warrior wordsmiths!”  To the readers, an exhortation to not just read but study and learn from this singular, amazing book.  And to those brave sheepdogs who live a life of sacrifice, laying their lives on the line every day, living and dying with honor, we give you glory and we give you honor!”